glade 3.15.2

About Glade Interface Designer

User Interface Builder for GTK+ applications


        - Add GtkPlacesSidebar to GTK+ catalog (Federico Mena Quintero)
        - New icon for GtkMenuButton (Paolo Borelli)
        - GTK+ catalog version now bumped to 3.10, include new translatable enumeration values
          and updated new versions and deprecations
        - Added --enable-debug option and some debug flags to be set with GLADE_DEBUG environment variable
        - Enable word wrapping in combo boxes (used to edit enumeration properties)
        - Split up the GTK+ plugin into mini source files, each one implementing it's own widget adaptor
          code (instead of one huge glade-gtk.c file)
        - Fix GtkIconFactory sources editor (was very broken)
        - Allow setting the "id" attributes of items set in a GtkComboBoxText
        - Avoid calling gtk_stock_list_ids() when gdk_display_get_default() is NULL, allows GIRs to
          build on some build machines.
        - Avoid updating the inspector treeview if the same project is set twice (Marco Diego Aurélio 
        - Escape key cancels a query dialog instead of approves creation of the new widget
        - Many minor bugs and random crasher bugs also fixed
        - Alsmost all widget types have their own custom editors now

=========  (90.1K)

======== (2.87M)
  sha256sum: 572343d27e375e5af5da3b0f067b3141c3153c33ea39c732a90167e7d2385d91

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