gnome-initial-setup 0.12

About GNOME Initial Setup

Bootstrapping your OS


 * Fix for gnome-initial-setup not showing up on secondary user
   accounts (i.e. after the first) and the welcome tour always running
   until the OS was rebooted.
 * Make language change work more than once
 * Cosmetic fixes to the GOA page
 * Set system locale and keyboard layouts when in new user mode
 * Misc fixes and code cleanups

 Rui Matos, Michael Wood, Matthias Clasen, Colin Walters,
 Jasper St. Pierre

 A S Alam
 Aurimas Černius
 Cheng-Chia Tseng
 Christian Kirbach
 Daniel Mustieles
 Dimitris Spingos
 Dušan Kazik
 Fran Diéguez
 Gil Forcada
 Ivaylo Valkov
 Kjartan Maraas
 Krishnababu Krothapalli
 Nilamdyuti Goswami
 Piotr Drąg
 Rafael Ferreira
 Sandeep Sheshrao Shedmake
 Sweta Kothari
 Victor Ibragimov

======== (2.37M)
  sha256sum: 9f244301be552f761acbe65cd5225d618e9eee1fdf9f65fcff12ae089bf99545

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