gnome-weather 3.9.3

About Gnome Weather

This is a small application that allows you to monitor the current
weather conditions for your city, or anywhere in the world, and to
access updated forecasts provided by various internet services.


* Fixed icon handling in GWeatherLocationEntry due
  to the ABI change in libgweather
* Replaced most of libgd with Gtk types (still using
  GdMainView only)
* Now using the header bar as a titlebar (fixes the close
  button when maximized)
* Includes a new application icon, designed specifically
  for gnome-weather
* Once again fixed launching the application in certain
  "looks-like-source-tree" cases
* Translation updates

======== (9.98M)
  sha256sum: 17cc8ce7efea9760135a53f9b7421119fd67104edd3a9a77c2bd9df2d977eab5

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