gnome-chess 3.8.3

About gnome-chess

Play the classic two-player boardgame of chess


* Time remaining is now saved when saving a timed game
* The chess clock now starts after White's first move
* Fix segfault when using Undo Move while viewing a previous turn (Chris Cummins)
* Fix segfault after playing a timed game, then starting a new game, when the original game's timer expired
* Fix massive CPU usage after playing vs. an engine, then starting a new game
* Fix the very small save/load dialogs
* The clock now stops at the end of the game
* More sensibly set sensitivity of undo, resign, claim draw, and save options
* Games now save with .pgn extension by default
* Save now works as expected (instead of functioning the same as Save As)
* Insufficient material: King and bishop can checkmate king and bishop on opposite color
* Allow controlling the AI's pieces if no engines are installed (e.g. after loading a game vs. an engine)

======== (3.13M)
  sha256sum: c45493ca7de778029ea78bcf328410a6399dfd91f50241c6f6b4420115c2e786

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