About network-manager-applet

Applet for managing network connections


Overview of changes since network-manager-applet-0.9.8

This is a new stable release of network-manager-applet.  Notable changes include:

* Updated translations
* Conversion from gnome-keyring to libsecret; libsecret is now required to build
* Editor no longer overwrites master interface name with the master UUID
* Fix crashes when using ModemManager 0.7/0.8
* Fix allowed values for VLAN ID and MTU in the editor
* Preserve existing PPP LCP echo failure and interval values
* Ensure Bridge STP checkbox values are saved
* Hide BSSID for Wi-Fi Ad-Hoc connections (it's autocreated by the kernel)
* Ensure IPv6 next-hop/gateway values are sane
* Fix problems with the MAC address combo box on various pages
* Only request secrets from the user when allowed to
* Fix running with GTK+ 2.x
* Fix signal icons to work with newer libpng
* Don't show Wi-Fi Security combo when not required
* Improve applet icon size handling
* Show more helpful errors when VPN plugins are not installed

======== (1.16M)
  sha256sum: a540c743971c199a7b8663a8d0a38eb66a4c13a6b5124cd3a7495c75560aadc7

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