gtk-doc 1.19

About gtk-doc

GTK-Doc is used to document C code. It is typically used to document
the public API of libraries, such as the GTK+ and GNOME libraries, but
it can also be used to document application code.



 o 652740 : Warnings during expansion of content files
 o 660436 : Warning for skip annotations on function parameters
 o 661853 : allow EXTRA_DIST to be predefined
 o 668228 : several of the tests use syntax not compatible with traditional Bourne shells
 o 670724 : gtk-doc.make: double recursion when maintainer-clean
 o 670767 : generated file gnome-doc-utils.m4 is in version control
 o 670796 : (patch) Show commands when building documentation with make
 o 671519 : Self-test relies on nonportable (GNU enhanced) 'date' command
 o 671960 : make dist fails without html/*
 o 672710 : Use new documentation infrastructure
 o 676685 : Allow to order functions without using $MODULE-sections.txt
 o 685365 : (PATCH) Fix contents of warning message, should be " -sections.txt " not " 
-section.txt " 
 o 686148 : [patch] suggested parameters for gtkdoc-scangobj
 o 687685 : 'g_type_init' is deprecated
 o 688204 : undocumented enum values missing in indexes
 o 688423 : Add support for " transfer floating " introspection annotation
 o 689209 : Automake complains about trailing space after backslash.
 o 690438 : Small improvements
 o 696930 : Incorrect allowed value for a property
 o 700981 : make: copy the files with their relative path included


 Alban Browaeys
 Aleksander Morgado
 Alexandre Franke
 Bruno Brouard
 Colin Walters
 Daiki Ueno
 Daniel Mustieles
 David King
 David Nečas
 Dieter Verfaillie
 Dimitris Spingos
 Henrik Stokseth
 Hib Eris
 Javier Jardón
 Jens Georg
 Jiro Matsuzawa
 Krzesimir Nowak
 Mario Blättermann
 Martin Pitt
 Matthias Clasen
 Murray Cumming
 Piotr Drąg
 Ryan Lortie
 Sébastien Wilmet
 Simon Josefsson
 Stefan Sauer
 Stef Walter
 Takao Fujiwara
 Tim Mooney
 Tom Tryfonidis

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  sha256sum: 27df247fa828433a9390368e2088cc22f954f2ce1f255ddbd12ab6e027b12e68

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