clutter-gst 2.0.0

About Clutter-Gst

Clutter-Gst is a gstreamer based clutter actor implementing the
ClutterMedia interface. It provides video playback on a clutter
texture. The library can also be used for its cluttersink Gstreamer
element to build more complex pipelines.


List of chances since 1.9.92

 o Fix a bug a autocluttersink that would lead to playbin not considering it as
   a sink any more when removing the actual sink from the bin

 o Small build and deprecation fixes

Many Thanks to:

    Nuno Araujo
    Hans-Christian Ebke
    Javier Jardón
    Nirbheek Chauhan

======== (342K)
  sha256sum: c612926f1e0bbd3c1ad748192cfccf0f15fdff0113db3b983d9f58989431f99a

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