caribou 0.4.7

About caribou

Text entry and UI navigation application


- Bug 687244: Add documentation support
- Bug 687315: various packaging fixes:
  - build: only export public symbols from the library
  - build: make sure to define $datarootdir in generated scripts
  - build: suppress Python bytecode generation when building
  - build: install vapi file
  - build: install pkg-config file
  - build: use
  - build: don't use deprecated Automake variable INCLUDE
  - build: rename caribou.pc to caribou-1.0.pc
- Bug 691463: libcaribou: avoid integer overflow
- Fix 'make install' when --enable-docs is used
- Translation updates (Friulian)

======== (376K)
  sha256sum: 580406d72536ff23ee61cab416113fbc068cdc1fcaaedf1a4621f1d9ef9cf2e9

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