libsoup 2.41.4

About libsoup

libsoup is an HTTP client/server library for GNOME. It uses GObjects
and the glib main loop, to integrate well with GNOME applications.


	* Lots of docs fixes, including catching up with some (but not
          all!) of the API additions and deprecations, and a new
          chapter with hints on porting from
          SoupSessionAsync/SoupSessionSync to the new-and-improved
          plain SoupSession.

	* The plain SoupSession type now supports
          soup_session_queue_message() (with SoupSessionAsync
          semantics) and soup_session_send_message() (with
          SoupSessionSync semantics), and there are now
          soup_session_new() and soup_session_new_with_options().

	* The mirroring of the SoupMessage API onto SoupRequestHTTP,
          added in 2.41.3, has been reverted. However, new APIs
          soup_session_send() and soup_session_send_async() have been
          added that let you use the GInputStream-based API with
          SoupMessages rather than SoupRequest, so if you're doing
          HTTP-specific stuff, you can just use that instead.

	* soup_message_get_https_status() now returns the certificate
          and flags for unsuccessful https connections as well as
          successful ones. [#690176]

	* Fixed a deadlock when calling soup_session_abort() on a
          SoupSessionSync in some cases. [#691399] 

	* Internal SoupCache rewrites/improvements [#682112, Sergio]

	* Plugged a memory leak in SoupCache [#690382, Sudarsana
          Nagineni] and one in SoupAuthDigest [#690142]

	* LIBSOUP_DISABLE_DEPRECATED has been renamed to
          SOUP_DISABLE_DEPRECATED, but that's just to keep gtk-doc
          happy, and you shouldn't use it. You should use
          SOUP_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED instead.

	* Fixed the samba-windbind-based NTLM support, which appears
          to have been broken before.

	* SoupAuthManager is now a public class (so you can remove it
          as a feature from a session, or disable it for a particular
          message). It also has a new method
          soup_auto_manager_use_auth(), which can be used to "preload"
          authentication for a host so that libsoup will use
          authentication on the very first request.

	* SoupURI now treats "http://user example com" as having a
          password of "" rather than NULL, since a NULL password would
          not be valid for any known HTTP auth type.

	* build: libsoup now uses autoreconf instead of
, and no longer uses AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT
          [Javier Jardon].

	* Updated translations:
	  Assamese, Bulgarian, Estonian, Friulian, Galician, Hebrew,
	  Polish, Slovenian, Spanish

======== (708K)
  sha256sum: 36aaf6ccc2dddcdcc51d1228abda0e8d7e4ea884419ba9e11c93210949d31e26

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