libgweather 3.9.1

About libgweather

Location and timezone database and weather-lookup library


* Miscellaneuous fixes to the METAR, Yahoo
  and backends
* GWeatherLocationEntry will autocomplete when pressing
  enter (if activates-default is true)
* GWeatherInfo now enables automatic disk caching
  of network request and gzip encoding (where available)
* New API added to flush the cache to disk, only
  for language bindings with a GC (ie JS). C, Vala or Python
  apps get this for free
* Default measure units are now derived from LC_MEASUREMENTS,
  not LC_MESSAGES, thus respecting the configuration in the
  Region & Language control center panel.
* Lots of translation updates

======== (3.78M)
  sha256sum: 07199316d667fb4ce5e34a8282652975a6536861bf5308543628b147640341a5

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