glib-networking 2.36.1

About glib-networking

glib-networking contains the implementations of certain GLib
networking features that cannot be implemented directly in GLib itself
because of their dependencies.

Currently it contains a GNUTLS-based implementation of GTlsBackend, a
libproxy-based implementation of GProxyResolver, and a GNOME
GProxyResolver that uses the proxy information from the GSettings
schemas in gsettings-desktop-schemas.


  * gnutls: Fixed a bug that could cause hangs and/or bursts of CPU
    usage in some cases. (#696881, Olivier CrĂȘte)

  * gnutls: Fixed CFLAGS when building with gnutls in a different
    prefix. (#696519, Emmanuel Pacaud)

  * New/Updated translations:
        Friulian, Indonesian, Turkish

======== (344K)
  sha256sum: e2df2d1943a6193ca471addc58539895da1ae96fdba305dedb937ef56adb57ea

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