rygel-gst-0-10-plugins 0.18.0

About rygel-gst-0-10-plugins

These are plugins for Rygel, using gstreamer-0.10, for applications
that have not yet ported to gstreamer-1.0. The regular gstreamer
plugins for Rygel use gstreamer-1.0. They also serve as examples of
external plugins.


 - Port to C.
 - Port to GUPnP-DLNA 2.0 API.
 - Backport change tracking from Rygel.


An initial release, to provide a media-export plugin
for Rygel based on gstreamer-0.10, for platforms
that have not yet moved to gstreamer-1.0.

http://download.gnome.org/sources/rygel-gst-0-10-plugins/0.18/rygel-gst-0-10-plugins-0.18.0.changes  (66.6K)

http://download.gnome.org/sources/rygel-gst-0-10-plugins/0.18/rygel-gst-0-10-plugins-0.18.0.tar.xz (403K)
  sha256sum: bb9256e7d1867a8385e6b3ba24a95c160f51170f32e03327e778ab1f4f800be4

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