nautilus 3.6.2

About Nautilus

Default file manager for GNOME


* Open default location for remote shares when mounting
* Resolve symbolic links before launching a file
* Fix missing search results from Tracker for names that contain hyphens
* Fix black input field when renaming a file in icon view with XIM enabled
* Fix missing item selection in the sidebar when starting up
* Fix wrong return location when unmounting local and remote mounts
* Fix search tabs changing location to $HOME on tab switch
* Fix search toggle button state inconsistent when switching between tabs
* Fix search string being eaten by a hidden entry under certain circumstances
* Fix missing tooltips on stock toolbar buttons
* Fix crasher when using the Tracker engine from the Shell search provider
* Fix crasher in Shell search provider
* Fix crasher when unmounting a volume under certain circumstances

======== (4.73M)
  sha256sum: 9c5605b629170032e5c7b62f5ecdcebe2b8e08ccfcfb3fc9ae06b96dad50dda7

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