tasque 0.1.12

About Tasque

Easy quick task management


* xbuild is now used for the build. An interface for autotools build is
still in place. So you can do "./configure && make && make install".
Other than xbuild being now a build requirement, no adjustments should
be necessary to build Tasque. If you encounter any problems, please
report them as bugs or address them on the mailing list.
* Tasque for Windows now features a msi installer.
* gtk-update-icon-cache is not run anymore after install.
* configure checks now for Mono.Data.Sqlite
* Fix for "recurring tasks": #656608
* Fix for "Crashes on startup in Windows 7": #634158
* Fix for "Remove gnome-sharp and gconf dependencies": #670391
* Fix for "Tasque build-depends on gtk-dotnet-sharp": #568910
* Adding task by clicking anywhere in the window now possible,
fixes partly #566499. Other part reported as #683664.
* Use dbus-sharp instead of NDesk.DBus: #671553
* Fix "Normal characters are escaped in notewidget label": #538017.
* Imitate tooltip in AppIndicator using a MenuItem: #649670
* Other bug fixes: #668422, #656513, #653354, #649752,
#578279, #566355.
* Translation updates: gl, cs, lv, pl, id, it, sr, sr@latin, es, sl.

http://download.gnome.org/sources/tasque/0.1/tasque-0.1.12.changes  (111K)

http://download.gnome.org/sources/tasque/0.1/tasque-0.1.12.tar.xz (451K)
  sha256sum: db4d4a822cfa87ce8cf311189e17fa8fbda37e7c943874b6bf62c6a84b2d824d

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