lasem 0.3.4

About Lasem

SVG and Mathml rendering library


	Display result of comparison to reference file in test suite.

	Use cairo API for filter implementation when possible.
	Fix blur misposition.
	Support for filter primitive subregion.
	Implementation of <feTile>.
	Implementation of BackgroundImage and BackgroundAlpha.
	Implementation of <switch>.
	Reimplement group opacity optimisation.
	Implementation of get_extents for <polygon>, <polyline>, <ellipse>, <line> and <text>.
	Add support for HSL color syntax.
	Fix parsing of stroke-dasharray when value are separated by spaces.

======== (451K)
  sha256sum: 4c636a6d9e5c1f81ff0629c7b98d029183642c8c4648aa22c35cacc02617be04

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