d-feet 0.3.1

About D-Feet

D-Feet is an easy to use D-Bus debugger.

     D-Bus is a messaging library used on the Desktop. D-Feet can be
used to inspect D-Bus interfaces of running programs and invoke
methods on those interfaces.


This is a new unstable release of DFeet.
It's the first release based on gobject-introspection and gdbus.

- Update setup.py (Thomas Bechtold)
- Enlarge icon (Thomas Bechtold)
- Fix icon handling (Thomas Bechtold)
- Adjust UI (Thomas Bechtold)
- Fix d-feet icon usage (Thomas Bechtold)
- Merge branch 'pygi' (Thomas Bechtold)

http://download.gnome.org/sources/d-feet/0.3/d-feet-0.3.1.tar.xz (92.4K)
  sha256sum: fb4060015af6ba433c46f20c9a01a05b87a307b585d9a26de69aee1fd5982dce

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