gnome-shell 3.6.1

About GNOME Shell

GNOME Shell provides core user interface functions for the GNOME 3
desktop, like switching to windows and launching applications. GNOME
Shell takes advantage of the capabilities of modern graphics hardware
and introduces innovative user interface concepts to provide a
visually attractive and easy to use experience.

Tarball releases are provided largely for distributions to build
packages. If you are interested in building GNOME Shell from source,
we would recommend building from version control using the build
script described at:

Not only will that give you the very latest version of this rapidly
changing project, it will be much easier than get GNOME Shell and its
dependencies to build from tarballs.


* dash: Make padding even on the top/bottom of the dash [Jasper; #684619]
* Fix a crash when dragging search results [Jasper; #684888]
* workspaceThumbnail: Fix dragging with static workspaces [Jasper; #684641]
* Really hide 'Show Keyboard Layout' on the lock screen [Matthias]
* Misc. improvements to jhbuild setup [Owen; #685352, #685353, #685354, #685355]
* Show message tray in Ctrl+Alt+Tab outside of the overview [Jasper, Florian;
  #684633, #685914]
* Disable hotplug sniffer on remote filesystems [Jasper; #684093]
* userMenu: Remove 'Switch Session' item [Florian; #685062]
* unlockDialog: Make prompt entry insensitive while logging in [Jasper; #685444]
* messageTray: Don't animate desktop clone for failed grabs [Jasper; #685342]
* Fix crash on dragging windows between workspaces [Ryan; #681399]
* userMenu: Ignore 'lock-enabled' setting for user switching [Florian; #685536]
* gdm: Fix key-focus on first user [Adel; #684650]
* Make grid button insensitive when dragging non-favorites [Jasper; #685313]
* Calendar: hide all actions when on the login screen [Matthias; #685142]
* Adapt unlock dialog layout for the login screen [Florian; #685201]
* Make focus-follows-mouse work better with Shell UI [Florian; #678169]
* Improve look of screen shield [Jasper; #685919]
* Fix keynav in the login screen [Florian; #684730]
* dateMenu: Hide "Open Calendar" item if calendar unavailable [Florian; #686050]
* unlockDialog: Reset UI on verification failure [Giovanni; #685441]
* Show unlock dialog on primary monitor when using keynav [Giovanni; #685855]
* Fix height changes of entries when entering text [Florian; #685534]
* Fix show-apps label after successful drags [Florian; #684627]
* Misc. bugfixes and cleanups [Jasper, Olivier, Florian, Owen, Adel, Tanner, Tim, Matthias; #685434, #685511, #685466, #685341, #685156, #681159, #673189, #686016, 684869, #686079, #686063

Jasper St. Pierre
Matthias Clasen
Owen Taylor
Olivier Blin
Florian Müllner
Ryan Lortie
Adel Gadllah
Tanner Doshier
Tim Lunn
Giovanni Campagna

  Tobias Endrigkeit [de], Rudolfs Mazurs [lv], Ask H. Larsen [da],
  Shankar Prasad [kn], Changwoo Ryu [ko], Chris Leonard [en_GB],
  Arash Mousavi [fa], Theppitak Karoonboonyanan [th], Seán de Búrca [ga],
  Yaron Shahrabani [he], Alexander Shopov [bg], Žygimantas Beručka [lt],
  Milo Casagrande [it], Kjartan Maraas [nb], Kris Thomsen [da],
  Aurimas Černius [lt], Yuri Myasoedov [ru], Мирослав Николић [sr],
  Marek Černocký [cs], Gabor Kelemen [hu], Ihar Hrachyshka [be],
  Chao-Hsiung Liao [zh_HK, zh_TW], Eleanor Chen [zh_CN],
  Carles Ferrando [ca@valencia], Vicent Cubells [ca], Daniel Korostil [uk],
  Alexandre Franke [fr], Piotr Drąg [pl]

======== (1.33M)
  sha256sum: 566a9d902f85a89c23dc29f1789f859aa2c5a0de7dffa5235bf5a1885c76a3a7

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