gnome-themes-standard 3.6.1

About GNOME Standard Themes

Standard Themes for GNOME Applications


Add a matching HighContrast WM theme
Add support for vertically oriented inline toolbars
Fix wrong background for raised and backdrop insensitive toolbar buttons
Fix glitches in selection-toolbar and suggested-action styling
Fix menu borders not present when not running under GNOME Shell
Fix color for selected desktop icons
Fix stray text shadows in inline toolbar buttons
Fix wrong background color when using a menu button in an OSD toolbar
Fix some glitches in notebook's tab rendering
Improve theming support for Nautilus, Documents, Evince, GEdit, Baobab and more

=========  (19.7K)

======== (3.44M)
  sha256sum: f56dd1f593b0a853041b54f9167aab0cb3689ced9cd8f8f4d777c3116bb4878a

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