nautilus 3.6.1

About Nautilus

Default file manager for GNOME


* Fix floating bar not disappearing on search finish
* Fix fullcolor icons appearing in the pathbar for mount roots
* Fix drag and drop of multiple rows in list view
* Fix search relevance not being applied correctly when searching
* Fix sidebar visibility switch applying to all windows
* Fix search location when moving to a search directory in Back/Forward
* Fix missing search results with non-ASCII characters
* Fix Home/Trash not showing up in shell provider results
* Fix startup notification not working when opening multiple windows
* Fix search results not focusing when activated from the Shell
* Fix error dialog not showing up when entering a non-existant location
  in Connect to Server
* Fix inability to open files after cancelling a rename in list view under
  some circumstances
* Fix desktop icons not following the primary monitor workarea when multihead
  is used with the desktop enabled
* Fix crasher when search string changes too fast
* Fix crasher when enabling search while loading a directory
* Fix crasher when trying to open a saved search file
* Fix crasher when Tracker is installed but not running
* Fix crasher in the shell search provider for bookmarks/mounts with an
  empty name

======== (4.73M)
  sha256sum: 7b30cf1ce538c9d4cdff883f54d1edcbdffbe146dc1b819bbfacd5e6837df390

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