gnome-control-center 3.6.1

About gnome-control-center

GNOME's main interface to configure various aspects of the desktop


- Fix entering the same panel twice

Region & Language:
- Remove the unused "Remove" button
- Reduce the number of required m17n desktop files
- Repopulate the input sources when IBus becomes available again
- Add support for inscript2 and Marathi phonetic input sources

- Fix arrow direction in RTL languages
- Don't resize the panel or the Wi-Fi list
- Top alogn the back button in the Wi-Fi panel
- Fix parenting problems when spawing a network dialogue
- Don't try to activate out-of-range connections
- Fix WPA Enterprise connections not working
- Use a regular button for "Connect to Hidden Network"

Online Accounts:
- Fix a warning on exit

- Fix multi-monitor handling
- Use a lighter texture for solid colours

Date & Time:
- Update the current time when we change the timezone

User Accounts:
- Fix the autologin icon not being recoloured

- Fix mouse test area not being in the correct position in some cases

- Fix wrong icon being used in the search entry

- Fix input level bar direction in RTL languages

=========  (19.2K)

======== (4.64M)
  sha256sum: b6e9530deac15408fee43c9c7a21200456bebf947e677856cd7345a79e2923d5

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