mm-common 0.9.6

About mm-common

Common build files of the C++ bindings


  * Dist .js files that doxygen now generates
    (Murray Cumming)
  * Use $(MMDOCTOOLDIR) instead of @MMDOCTOOLDIR@ in
    (Kjell Ahlstedt) Bug #673984.
  * Make downloading tags optional.
    (Krzesimir Nowak)
  * Don't try to run tar by shell.
  * Don't use missing for making skeleton tarball.
    (Krzesimir Nowak)
  * Fix running doxygen when it is located at a path containing spaces
    (Armin Burgmeier) Bug #630051

=========  (2.05K)

======== (556K)
  sha256sum: 7c37158a1f37604705a9b9305d3b335fb8256f5de701c8801269dde4e2ce7dde

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