folks 0.6.8

About Folks

Folks is a contact aggregation library. It retrieves contacts from
various sources (including Telepathy IM accounts, libsocialweb web
service contacts, and local contact stores) and compiles them into
fully-fledged people objects. The ultimate goal is to provide the
platform with easy access to all of the user's contacts.


Major changes:
* FOLKS_DEBUG has been removed in favour of G_MESSAGES_DEBUG (and the bug where
  folks would set G_MESSAGES_DEBUG for any process linked to it has been fixed)
* A --disable-fatal-warnings configure flag has been added for non-developers
* Update favourite status of EDS contacts with membership of the ‘Starred in
  Android’ Google Contacts group
* Improvements to linking suggestions (potential matches)
* Improvements to folks-inspect to make it a good command line citizen

Bugs fixed:
* Bug 670191 — IndividualAggregator::is-quiescent is never set to TRUE
* Bug 670523 — persona.vala:153:folks_persona_get_individual:
  assertion failed: (_tmp6_)
* Bug 672381 — invalid uninstantiatable type `<invalid>' in cast to
* Bug 670347 — Check for null birthday strings
* Bug 661490 — Should mark contacts from the "Starred in Android" group as
* Bug 671714 — Fail to add contact to the contact list
* Bug 672373 — folks-import segfaults (Archlinux x86_64)
* Bug 670348 — Handle Telepathy CMs crashing/being invalidated
* Bug 671900 — Folks should not suggest linking contacts from telepathy-salut
* Bug 670872 — Should be less sensitive to accentuated chars
* Bug 669984 — Does not notify when contacts are added to groups
* Bug 660235 — Consistent signal handlers to a terminal would be cool
* Bug 671499 — Don't set G_MESSAGES_DEBUG unconditionally

API changes:
* Add MatchResult.NONE enum member

=========  (20.3K)

======== (1.35M)
  sha256sum: 4ee18ce808315f27ab6bf9f7d2b438dd4c1042a8ab6836bb5058b6dce167e0b1

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