nautilus-actions 3.2.0

About Nautilus-Actions

Nautilus-Actions is a Nautilus extension whose principal function is
to allow the user to add arbitrary actions to the file manager context
menus. These actions may be organized in menus and submenus, exported
and shared with other desktop environments.


	Release date 2012-02-28

	Bug fixes:

		- Make labels wrappable in import/export assistants
		- Fix vertical expand in Preferences dialog
		- Fix the build of the Reference Manual
		- Destroy the assistants toplevels when quitting
		- Force GConf I/O provider to be read-only after the migration
		- Release the object whose importation has been cancelled
		- Fix return value of NactApplication::appli_create_windows()
		- Fix micro leak in nact_clipboard_dnd_drag_end()
		- Partially fix #667429 reported by Daniel Mustieles
		  Are this strings translatable? (nact-doc)
		- Fix #668181 reported by Vincent Untz
		  User documentation and gtk-doc documentation not installed by default
		- Fix #670434 reported by Vincent Untz
		  Should check for ice pkgconfig in configure
		- Partially fix #622909 reported by André Klapper
		  Migrate from dbus-glib to glib's GDBus
		- Fix na_factory_object_copy(), not trying to copy null data
		- Fix main window destroy process
		- Fix NATokens::execute_action_command() parsing working dir for parameters
		- Fix src/plugin-menu/nautilus-actions.c only expanding candidate items
		- Fix NadpReader, resetting the writability status if import source is read-only
		- Fix NAImporterAsk, resetting dialog pointer when parent exits
		- NactMenubar: no more keep a recursive ref on the selection
		- NABoxed::string_list_from_void(): keep string lists in the same order
		- Check if action is writable when deleting a profile
		- Enable basenames, capabilities, folders, mimetypes and schemes tabs
		  if a context is available

	API modifications:

		- Bump NAIExporter interface to version 2
		- Bump NAIImporter interface to version 2

	Other modifications:

		- Bump minimal required Gtk+ version to 2.20 (Ubuntu 10 LTS)
		- Review the description of the export formats
		- Let import/export assistants pages be scrollable
		- Let the export format be selected in a treeview
		- Let the import mode be selected in a treeview
		- Review NactApplication startup
		- Bump copyright year in all source files
		- src/utils/ defines new '--admin' option
		- Requires gtk-doc 1.16 to build Reference Manual
		- base_window_init() now holds all the build process
		- Set "Relying on runtime detection" as default in "Runtime execution" tab
		- Get rid of GQuark as internal identifier of export format
		- NactMatchList connects to base signals (and acts as a pseudo-interface)
		- na_desktop_environment_detect_running_desktop(): detect XFCE desktop
		- Let the notebook tabs position be modified by the user
		- NactTreeView: open the context menu with keybindings

	New interfaces:

		- NAIOptions, NAIOptionsList
		- BaseIUnique, BaseISession
		- Tracker DBus interface is renamed as org.nautilus_actions.DBus.Tracker.Properties1

	New functions:

		- na_core_utils_dir_list_perms(), na_core_utils_file_is_loadable()
		- na_export_format_get_pixbuf()
		- na_importer_import_from_list() renamed as na_importer_import_from_uris()
		- na_gtk_utils_search_for_child_widget() renamed as na_gtk_utils_find_widget_by_name()
		- nact_export_format_get_ask_option() renamed as na_exporter_get_ask_option()
		- na_exporter_get_export_format()
		- nact_tree_ieditable_set_items()
		- na_desktop_environment_get_label()
		- base_gtk_utils_table_to_grid()

	New and updated translations:

		- cz (Marek Černocký)
		- de (Mario Blättermann, Christian Kirbach)
		- es (Daniel Mustieles, Nicolás Satragno)
		- fr (Bruno Brouard)
		- ja (Jiro Matsuzawa)
		- nb (Kjartan Maraas)
		- sl (Matej Urbančič)

=========  (325)

======== (8.53M)
  sha256sum: 422da23ad4eceab491ba1f638223484faa8d1de94db9f3eb3a197db5c800435a

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