libsoup 2.37.90

About libsoup

libsoup is an HTTP client/server library for GNOME. It uses GObjects
and the glib main loop, to integrate well with GNOME applications.


	* libsoup is now beta-testing Makefile.glib from bug 654395.
          If 2.37.90 fails to build in some strange way that 2.37.5
          did not, this is probably why.

	* Replaced some of the SoupURI g_return_if_fail()s that were
	  added in 2.37.5 with g_warn_if_fail()s. Although it had
	  always been documented that SoupURIs must have a non-NULL
	  path, most SoupURI functions treated NULL the same as "",
	  and various apps (eg, rhythmbox, midori) were accidentally
	  relying on this. [Dan]

	* Added various return-if-fails and other sanity checks to
          various functions. [#669479, Robert Swain, Mark Nauwelaerts,
          Simon McVittie]

	* Updated docs/annotation of soup_form_decode_multipart() to
          note that all of the out parameters are (allow-none). Fixed
          the file_control_name parameter to actually allow NULL like
          the docs already claimed. [#669479, Simon McVittie]

	* Fixed a minor URI parsing bug. (It was allowing URI schemes
          to contain numbers.) [Dan]

	* Fixed a few memory leaks introduced in the 2.37 cycle. [Dan]

	* Fixed SoupServer to be able to correctly respond to HTTP/1.0
          requests over IPv6 (which previously would always have
          returned "400 Bad Request"). [#666399, Dan]

	* Changed SoupSessionAsync to make it possible to finalize it
          from the "wrong" thread. [#667364, Dan].

	* Fixed SoupCache to not cache resources whose URIs have query
          components (unless they have explicit cache headers); to not
          generate broken conditional requests for resources that
          cannot be conditionally validated; and to not spew warnings
          when receiving invalid Cache-Control headers. [#668865,

======== (610K)
  sha256sum: 2023ca6a351303ed2364e309f08b378cad7eda4465e2fad7e1fa725c6cb87f95

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