totem 3.2.2

About totem

Movie player for the GNOME desktop based on GStreamer


* Mention we support RTMP
* Make iPlayer plugin work again
* Fix --time option in Thumbnailer
* Fix Vala plugins for valac 0.14.0
* Fix libdbus-glib browser-plugin work-around on OpenBSD
* Make cover fetching work again, make cover thumbnailing
  work for FLAC files
* Fix crash when open videos with an already opened Totem
* Fix crash when using MPRIS plugin

=========  (10.9K)

======== (3.00M)
  sha256sum: b065e486e6b70b27d3a589e70c5459ff16a7affeff0b219ead5942585d4d0c9a

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