gnome-video-arcade 0.8.3

About GNOME Video Arcade

GNOME Video Arcade is a simple MAME frontend, which supports both the
xmame and sdlmame ports of MAME for GNU/Linux and other UNIX-like
operating systems, and can utilize third-party data files like arcade
history and game categories.

GNOME Video Arcade recognizes that the frontend is not the point; the
games are. As such, its chief design goal is to help you quickly find
a game to play and then get out of the way. Its purpose is not to help
you manage your ROM collection, nor to provide a confusing graphical
interface for MAME's plethora of configuration options.


        Released February 16, 2012

        Bugs Fixed
        GNOME #669950: Many popups when copying files into mame dir
                       (reported by Alan Pope)
        GNOME #670102: Crash when searching
                       (reported by Alan Pope)

        Updated Translations
        Czech (Marek Černocký)

=========  (2.84K)

======== (1.77M)
  sha256sum: ee687c4c6ab7458ef77e175ede2c61538d73de81b8108ca9f3190126aaae522f

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