glom 1.20.8

About Glom

User-friendly database application.


* Button scripts: Check and warn about pygtk2 instead of crashing.
  This should help with but #669196 (alien) and ##661766 (Andre Klapper) .
* ReportBuilder:
  - Make summary fields work again.
  - Add error checking.
  Bug #669281 (alien)
* Users/Groups:
  - Example files: Really load the table privileges.
  - Really prevent changing to developer mode for non-developers.
    Bug #669043 (alien)
  - Allow user and group names to have spaces and other special characters.
    Bug #669012 (alien)
  - Limit user and group name lengths because PostgreSQL seems to have an
    (undocumented) limit.
  - Add tests.
* Database Preferences: Really store the organization name in the database.
  Bug #668836 (alien)
* Choices: Allow the field to be be other than the primary key and do not
  crash if it is not, or if it is hidden.
  Bug #668759 (alien).
* Build:
  - Require the latest goocanvas because it has fixes that PrintLayout needs.

=========  (11.0K)

======== (8.98M)
  sha256sum: 60fe71ddbf8d3290088436943bf51fa846a59102b9132153f2c6e35d2f514d31

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