at-spi2-core 2.3.5

About at-spi2-core

D-Bus accessibility specifications and registration daemon.


* Fix for BGO#668334: Set correct end offset in atspi_text_get_attributes.

* Add some type checking on method replies; this should prevent crashes if
  an application-side AT-SPI implementor returns something unexpected.

* Call g_settings_sync after updating toolkit-accessibility.

* Add ScreenReaderEnabled D-Bus property as a proxy for the GSettings key.

* Fix for BGO#669344: Don't use "restrict" as a variable name, since it can
  be a keyword.

======== (434K)
  sha256sum: 4d67eae2c912728b4a06c83f7a36705a6258180d46a2418d93aa4d7aa8670190

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