cheese 3.3.5

About Cheese

Cheese uses your webcam to take photos and videos, applies fancy
special effects and lets you share the fun with others. It was written
as part of Google's 2007 Summer of Code lead by daniel g. siegel and
mentored by Raphaël Slinckx. Under the hood, Cheese uses GStreamer to
apply fancy effects to photos and videos. With Cheese it is easy to
take photos of you, your friends, pets or whatever you want and share
them with others. After the success of the Summer of Code, the
development continued and we are still looking for people with nice
ideas and patches ;)


  - Use default PackageKit interaction modes
    Do not hardcode the PackageKit interaction modes, so that distribution
    defaults are used, for example for whether to show a confirmation dialog
    when requesting package installation. See the comments on bug 668072 for
    some further reasoning.
  - Disambiguate GLib.DBus in Cheese.Window
  - Use PackageKit for nautilus-sendto dependency
    The user has the option to install nautilus-sendto runtime dependency
    with PackageKit, in case it is not already installed.
    Fixes bug 668072.
  - Fix Slovenian help translation
    The incorrect closing tag caused a build failure, reported by Luca
  - Post-release version bump to 3.3.5
    As Cheese provides shared libraries, it is more friendly to bump the
    version after a release. As requested by Frédéric Péters.
  - Keep generating thumbnails for Theora videos
  - Check for VP8/WebM codecs during configure
  - Initial switch from theora/ogg to vp8/webm
    It is time to go webm :)
    Fixes bug 564957 and 666718.
  - Fix configure check for Xtst
  - Adapt to use new cheese_init and cheese_gtk_init
    Additionally, use EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FAILURE when exiting.
  - Add init functions to libcheese and libcheese-gtk
    Adding wrappers around clutter_gst_init() and clutter_gtk_init() reduces
    confusion for API users, as well as reducing link-time dependencies.
    Provides a clean fix for bug 668292 and bug 667884.
  - Check nautilus-sendto dependency in configure
    Check whether nautilus-sendto is installed in the configure script. This
    is only required in order to use the sharing functionality, so a warning
    is presented if nautilus-sendto is not found.
    Fixes bug 668072.
  - Mimic Nautilus' behaviour when deleting files
    Show one dialog to ask for confirmation of operation. For each error
    show a dialog and allow to skip all errors, skip this error or stop
    deleting using Cancel.
    Fixes bug 664180.
  - Added/Updated Translations
    - es, courtesy of Daniel Mustieles
    - gl, courtesy of Fran Dieguez
    - he, courtesy of Yaron Shahrabani
    - nb, courtesy of Kjartan Maraas
    - sl, courtesy of Matej Urbančič
    - sr, courtesy of Мирослав Николић
    - sr@latin, courtesy of Miroslav Nikolić
    - sv, courtesy of Daniel Nylander
    - zh_HK, courtesy of Chao-Hsiung Liao
    - zh_TW, courtesy of Chao-Hsiung Liao
  - Added/Updated Documentation
    - gl, courtesy of Fran Dieguez
    - sl, courtesy of Andrej Žnidaršič

======== (3.51M)
  sha256sum: 027e00ec85248aa6e872284bfe13366262bc875bd102418fdfafb37526cd0ac4

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