epiphany 3.5.90

About Epiphany

View web pages and find information on the Internet


  - Improved url entry autosearch (#681022)
  - Show information about TLS certificates and SSL errors when
    clicking the lock icon (#681506)
  - Store http disk cache with temporary profiles for improved privacy
  - Do not add error pages to back forward list.
  - Do not add error pages to history (#655619)
  - wk2: Show information about web and plugins processes in
    about:memory (#679764)
  - Port saving to WebKit2 (#679368)
  - Update to recent WebKit2 API changes.
  - Dependencies cleanup.
  - Many code cleanups and bug fixes.

http://download.gnome.org/sources/epiphany/3.5/epiphany-3.5.90.changes  (18.5K)

http://download.gnome.org/sources/epiphany/3.5/epiphany-3.5.90.tar.xz (2.40M)
  sha256sum: c4db79e8f89b674b54785ad14404f7e4c7a4123752e7ffb3dfe7be0de86e93e5

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