gnome-themes-standard 3.5.90

About GNOME Standard Themes

Standard Themes for GNOME Applications


Add a GTK2 version of Adwaita, based on the Bridge theme (Jack Gandy)
New default wallpapers (Jakub Steiner)
Improve metacity attached dialog styling (Florian Müllner)
Improve custom theming for Nautilus (Lapo Calamandrei)
Add generic theming support for selection-mode toolbar style classes
Add generic theming support for in-app notifications
Add generic theming support for suggested-action buttons
Improve theming for GtkMenuButton

=========  (41.9K)

======== (3.38M)
  sha256sum: 4a508ff5a959a9f4e8b0d76673f420b0d7fb6b91bf9647d5a5a258563f6ee510

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