cogl 1.11.2

About Cogl

Cogl is a small open source software library for using 3D graphics
hardware to draw pretty pictures. The API departs from the flat state
machine style of OpenGL and is designed to make it easy to write
orthogonal components that can render without stepping on each others
toes. Cogl currently supports OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 and OpenGL > 1.3 (or
1.2 if you have the GL_ARB_multitexture extension), and having Gallium
or D3D backends are options for the future.


  • List of changes since Cogl 1.10.0

  » Adds cogl_framebuffer_{fill,stroke}_path APIs consistent with
    other Cogl drawing APIs that replace cogl_path_fill/stroke().
  » Switch from using glib types such as guint32/guint16/guint8 to
    using equivalent stdint.h types.
  » Adds a micro-benchmark for the journal
  » Optimized the matrix stack so we can take immutable references
    of a matrix stack for logging into the journal more efficiently
    than having to copy large matrices for each journaled rectangle.
    COGL_VERSION_CHECK macros for applications to test what version
    of Cogl they are compiled against.
  » Allow creation of non power of two (npot) CoglTexture2D textures
    with only basic npot support, not including repeating or mipmap
  » Enable use of the GL_STREAM_DRAW buffer update hint on GLES 2.0
  » Fix building Cogl with --disable-gl
  » Added support for the WebOS version of SDL which supports access
    to GLES 1.1 and GLES 2.0
  » Adds cogl_matrix_init_translation to provide a more efficient
    way to initialize a matrix representing a translation without
    need to multiply matrices.
  » Various documentation fixes for CoglQuaternion and CoglEular
  » Updates for the MSVC build
  » Added GPU architecture detection capabilities so we can
    differentiate drivers based on the hardware vendor, and the
    actual architecture of the GPU, such as deferred vs immediate
  » Fix framebuffer initialization to ensure swaps are throttled by
  » Fix flushing of the depth state for some cases.
  » Ported test-atlas-migration to be a standalone Cogl test
  » Added GLES 2.0 API integration support so that existing GLES 2.0
    based code can easily be integrated within Cogl based
    applications.  For example this is being used by webkit-clutter to
    add WebGL support.
  » Added an optional libcogl-gles2 sub-library that provides a full
    GLES 2.0 api api to really lower the barrier as much as possible
    for being able to integrate existing GLES 2.0 based code into
    Cogl applications.
  » Adds a Cogl GLES 2.0 Gears example application to test the GLES
    2.0 integration support.
  » Fix a bug with disabling of Cogl's debugging features.
  » Added api to directly convert a Eular to a Quaternion.
  » Improve the wireframe debug option to work when a vertex shader
    is in use.
  » Added support for SDL2 which supports GLES 2.0
  » Support the original GLSL extensions which had some different
    function names.
  » Avoid using eglGetProcAddress for core symbols which isn't allowed
    by the EGL spec and causes problems on Android.
  » Adds cogl_android_bitmap_new_from_asset() API to load images from
    Android assets.
  » Adds support for resizable onscreen framebuffers.
  » Avoids implicitly including the EGL headers when including cogl.h
  » Adds cogl.conf and environment variables to allow disabling the
    use of specific GL extensions; for example if the implementation
    is known to be buggy on a given system.

  • List of bugs fixed since Cogl 1.10.0

    #660617 - Porting of clutter tests
    #672533 - Quartz image option causes compile error
    #673137 - Grab the current window -> Screenshot is mirrored

======== (1.23M)
  sha256sum: e916777a5cd0dda55217c25cb658e6eb9a0ee44b21d192ac082bbbbc528759cd

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