evolution-kolab 3.4.4

About evolution-kolab

A project to provide connectivity to Kolab groupware servers for


Bug Fixes:

Other Changes:
    * relaxed GMime dependency (GMime 2.6 now
      allowed in addition to GMime 2.4)
    * updated docs for manually building and
      running evolution-kolab
    * updated local IMAPX derivative for upstream
      fixes and changes (as of version 3.4.4)

Translations (added/updated):

http://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution-kolab/3.4/evolution-kolab-3.4.4.tar.xz (700K)
  sha256sum: 96ee29d99725dc03e0766ac5cfee6466f9067ca5d6ebb5284ce5c5eeca594c9a

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