gnome-control-center 3.5.6

About gnome-control-center

GNOME's main interface to configure various aspects of the desktop


- Add man page

- Fix possible error when the preferred mode is only
  available on one of the two outputs in mirror mode

- Fix critical warning after calibration
- Only do calibration for the selected tool

- Make ibus code more robust
- Handle being opened twice gracefully
- Require ibus 1.4.99 if ibus support is requested

User accounts:
- Update for realmd 0.6
- Strip remote D-Bus errors from user-visible messages
- Fix memory leaks

- Refactoring for mobile broadband support and bug fixes
- Split the wireless panel
- Only show extra details for the active connection
- Add network strength to the details panel
- Only show the disconnect button when a device is fully activated
- Fix crash with Access Points with non UTF-8 names
- Forget the last selected wireless network when the button is clicked
- Improve hotspot dialogue

- Add support for CUPS 1.6
- Don't restrict the PPD list to PPDs with DeviceIDs
- Cancel async operations correctly
- Move jobs to a separate dialogue

Brightness & Lock:
- Make "show notifications" available even if we don't lock
  the screen automatically

- Adapt for changed API in PackageKit
- Small UI bug fixes

=========  (38.3K)

======== (4.20M)
  sha256sum: 1c507067bdac8fda0afd4bbf6b113ecb901093b923579173129b3981fee16d3e

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