aravis 0.1.15

About Aravis

Vision library for ethernet cameras


  * library: don't distribute arvconfig.h (Nial bug report)
  * viewer: desktop file and application icon
  * viewer: rotate and flip button
  * viewer: file save notification
  * viewer: use autovideosink instead of xvimagesink, for systems without XV extension
  * camera: pixel format API improvments (Jure)
  * system: disable the fake camera by default (Kai bug report)
  * genicam: fix "remaining operands" issue in evaluator (Tom bug report)
  * genicam: fix unzipping of genicam data on not supporting unaligned memory access (Nial)
  * GV stream: use machine time for buffer timestamp if GevTimestampTickFrequency register does not exist
  * gstreamer plugin: add auto gain, auto exposure, x and y offset properties (Philipp)

======== (438K)
  sha256sum: 8181b9965abad9065607be0d28015ea56615b37e8297b9ec445a2c8fe58214df

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