gnome-documents 0.5.5

About Documents

A document manager application for GNOME


- Add a find as you type implementation for Preview mode
- Add a menu button with common actions in Preview mode (Anna Zacchi)
- Add a Search button on the toolbar
- Add Rotate and Zoom options in Preview
- Move the search entry below the toolbar
- Support Google Drawings
- Remember documents' last page viewed
- Fix thumbnails for non-serializable GIcons (Florian Muellner)
- Use GDataGoaAuthorizer from libgdata
- Port some JS classes to GDBus (Jasper St. Pierre)
- Split a GdMiner base class and share code between miners (Jasper St. Pierre)
- Use GResource

======== (498K)
  sha256sum: a98cec12b0bee2f83e99225a95df548f1a9fad1eb96692c12b6061032665becb

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