dconf 0.13.5

About dconf

Configuation database system


 - the service no longer attempts to migrate the primary dconf database from
   its (years) old path ~/.config/dconf to the new ~/.config/dconf/user

 - fixes for profile file parsing problems

 - fix obscure race in GDBus handling code that could result in
   out-of-order message delivery

 - editor:
  - clean up some messages and mark strings for translations
  - enable NLS
  - add Esperanto translation

 - add manpages for dconf(7), dconf(1), dconf-service and dconf-editor

http://download.gnome.org/sources/dconf/0.13/dconf-0.13.5.tar.xz (251K)
  sha256sum: 526c1eab4a15ff930180149fae4d58ca5a0683f94c25ae08dba0de4bc604ea46

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