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Bug Fixes:
	Bug 677635 - Vanished message list with filled preview panel
	             (Dan Vrátil)
	Bug 678635 - File->Send/Receive lists too many sources (Milan Crha)
	Bug 679049 - [itip-formatter] Cannot reply to meeting invitation
	             (Dan Vrátil)
	Bug 679404 - Read colors for message preview from Gtk theme
	             (Dan Vrátil)
	Bug 679726 - Move button for expanding headers behind header label
	             (Dan Vrátil)
	Bug 679843 - Double free when printing (Dan Vrátil)
	Bug 680123 - Freeze on message/disposition-notification email parsing
	             (Dan Vrátil)
	Bug 680164 - Print Preview action should open preview immediatelly
	             (Dan Vrátil)
	Bug 680331 - Crash when replying to a message (Dan Vrátil)
	Bug 680535 - Reply to message with text attachments formats them
	             inline (Dan Vrátil)
	Bug 680577 - [text-highlight] - Failed to load part (Dan Vrátil)
	Bug 680634 - Missing image attachment (Dan Vrátil)
	Bug 680635 - Inline GPG shown as source (Dan Vrátil)
	Bug 680643 - First message Print preview without CSS (Dan Vrátil)
	Bug 680666 - Contacts/Tasks/Memos preview pane does not follow theme
	             colors (Dan Vrátil)
	Bug 680682 - Segfault after label attempted deletion (Milan Crha)
	Bug 681075 - Add tooltips to signature editor toolbar (Michael Wood)

Other Changes:
	* Various mail formatter and highlighter improvements (Dan Vrátil)
	* Improvements to user documentation. (Andre Klapper)
	* Disable CompEditor when saving changes (Milan Crha)
	* Use template files to generate GEnumClass types. (Matthew Barnes)
	* mail-send-recv: Improve presentation. (Matthew Barnes)
	* Fix few more memory leaks (Milan Crha)
	* Support creating and deleting remote resources. (Matthew Barnes)
	* Remove all GDK threads usage. (Matthew Barnes)

	Ihar Hrachyshka (be)
	Dimitris Spingos (el)
	Tom Tryfonidis (el)
	Daniel Mustieles (es)
	Fran Diéguez (gl)
	Sweta Kothari (gu)
	Andika Triwidada (id)
	Aurimas Černius (lt)
	Kjartan Maraas (nb)
	Мирослав Николић (sr)
	tuhaihe (zh_CN)
	Chao-Hsiung Liao (zh_HK)

http://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution/3.5/evolution-3.5.5.changes  (34.2K)

http://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution/3.5/evolution-3.5.5.tar.xz (12.3M)
  sha256sum: 9b8ba2ddc5792ca5746fbc5033dd53f5d4b19af86732e1b27cd32ce0f94e23c9

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