glom 1.20.1

About Glom

User-friendly database application.


* Avoid some unnecessary stdout warnings.
* Tests:
  - Added several more tests and improved existing tests.
  - Added gcov/lcov to generate test code coverage reports in HTML.
    (make gcov)

* libglom:
  - LayoutGroup: Added a remove_field(parent_table_name, table_name, field_name) 
    method overload.
  - LayoutGroup: Added a has_field(parent_table_name, table_name, field_name) 
    method overload.
  - Added DbUtils::set_fake_connection().

This is the master branch. See also the glom-1-20 branch.

2011-11-21  Murray Cumming  <murrayc murrayc com>

	libglom: Added DbUtils::set_fake_connection().

	* glom/libglom/db_utils.[h|cc]: Added DbUtils::set_fake_connection()
  because ConnectionPool is not public API.
	* tests/ Use this function instead of using 
	ConnectionPool's API.
1.20.0 (stable):

Major changes since 1.18:

* Simplified main window.
* Glom can now store and display PDFs:
  It can store any file format, though it can only display images and PDFs.
* Print Layout: Major overhaul with improved UI and new functionality.
* Related Records: Allow the developer to specify how many rows to show.
* Choice drop-downs can show more than 2 fields.
* Choice drop-down fields are aligned.
* Choice drop-downs can show related fields:
* List columns have sensible widths.

=========  (4.33K)

======== (8.96M)
  sha256sum: c76edc09d767eb2de8673fa8bb1cebbf8863fb3c8eb365e4a42fc430730f68d5

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