goffice 0.9.0

About GOffice

A glib/gtk set of document centric objects and charting library


Adrian Bunk:
       * Get rid of dolt.  [#662414]

	* Use pango attributes for formatting. [#584380][#651561]
	* Fix output of scientific number formats with EE to ODF.
	* Fix interpretation of marked-up scientific number format. [#656056]
	* Fix fraction rendering. [#656043][#657288][#657379][657400]
	* Fix date format on Windows. [#655573]
	* Extend encoding specification from file-openers to plugin services.
	* Improve the scientific number formats selector. [#657187][#623847]
	* Improve fraction format selector. [#117215]
	* Support SI prefixes and units  in scientific format selector. [#588516]
	* Show in-use custom formats in the custom format selector. [#658472]
	* Render superscripts in scientific formats with regard to font size
	and scale. [#425685]

	* Port to gtk+-3.0.
	* Add a plugin directory for extern plugins, independent from micro
	* Allow the frame around a chart label to rotate with the text. [647147]
	* Chart labels accept rich text. [#417631]
	* Axes can use only a part of available space. [#654392][#513137]
	* Add support for smoothed curve renaming. [#656148].
	* Fix widgets position inside an RTL canvas.
	* Fix minor ticks number. [#657670]
	* Displays correct coordinates when moving the mouse on a zoomed
	chart. [#657696]
	* Don't crash when pseudo3d axis has too large manual ticks
	spacing. [#657695]
	* Use data format for discrete axis. [#641901]
	* Make sheet widgets scalable. [#605434]
	* Update series labels when needed. [658527]
	* Fix background images issues in graphs. [#660917]
	* Make GSettings the default configuration backend.
	* Add support for SVG images.
	* Add some optional support for EPS images. [#663078]
	* Fixed a memory leak in GocPolyline code. [#663355]
	* Fixed pixels dust in text rotation selector. [#662393]
	* Remove GConf support.
	* Ensure that 0 is in the default values axis range for column, bar
	and other 1.5d plots. [#663717]

	* Recognize scientific formats with longer exponents.
	* Fix problem with sticky format colouring.
	* Improve certain range functions in corner cases.  [#660564]
	* Make go_range_sum perfect, modulo overflow.  [#664656]
	* Add resource manager for embedded files.
	* Plug leaks.

Gerald Niel:
	* Plugins not found when using in bundle for Mac OSX. [#661264]


http://download.gnome.org/sources/goffice/0.9/goffice-0.9.0.changes  (44.9K)


http://download.gnome.org/sources/goffice/0.9/goffice-0.9.0.tar.xz (1.76M)
  sha256sum: 33ceca99a32dfccf55132d0b99a1afd0414081bd87a71932e1343a1495249139

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