clutter-gtk 1.1.2

About Clutter-Gtk

Clutter-Gtk is a library which allows the embedding of a Clutter
canvas (or "stage") into a GTK+ application, as well as embedding GTK+
widgets inside the stage.


Changes since 1.0:

        • Drop all flavours
        Since Clutter 1.9 and GTK+ 3.0 support multiple backends with
        selection at run-time, Clutter-GTK can drop the multiple flavours,
        and support the current Clutter and GDK backend. This is still a
        work in progress, so not every Clutter or GDK backend provide the
        same set of features. Basic Clutter embedding works with the X11,
        GDK, and Windows backends. GTK+ widgets embedding inside Clutter
        works only on the X11 backend.

        • Do not disable multi-device
        Clutter was fixed to support XI2 events coming from GDK without
        destroying the event cookie; this means that Clutter-GTK can
        stop disabling multi-device support in GDK. If your code was
        calling gdk_disable_multi_device() (something that shouldn't have
        been done in the first place) this means that event handling
        will be broken.

        • Make GtkClutterEmbed expand by default
        The GtkClutterEmbed widget should expand by default on both#
        orientations; this allows using the default size negotiation
        mechanisms in GTK, and drop the hack of setting a minimum size
        on the widget.

Many thanks to:

  Marc-André Lureau, Matthias Clasen

======== (299K)
  sha256sum: e000594770df759a638bfe814c88d4ab089c93d56553811d6947fc9ed85e6aa0

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