clutter 1.9.2

About Clutter

Clutter is an open source software library for creating fast,
portable, compelling and dynamic graphical user interfaces. Clutter
uses OpenGL (and optionally OpenGL|ES for use on Mobile and embedded
platforms) for rendering, but with an API which hides the underlying
GL complexity from the developer. The Clutter API is intended to be
easy to use, efficient and flexible.


  • List of changes since Clutter 1.8

    - Multi-backend build, and run-time backend selection
    Clutter can be built with support for multiple backends in the same
    shared library; the backend singleton is determined at run-time,
    either with the default backend for the platform, or using the value
    of the CLUTTER_BACKEND environment variable.

    - GDK windowing system backend
    A new backend has been added, which uses the GDK API for creating the
    drawing surface, as well as receiving the windowing system and input

    - Show a hint when ClutterText is in password mode
    If the password-hint-time ClutterSettings property is set to a non
    zero value, the last character entered inside a ClutterText actor when
    in password mode will be shown in plain for the duration of the timeout,
    before being replaced by the glyph chosen as the password character.

    - Improve Windows build support
    Clutter now provides project files to build the library using Visual
    Studio 9 and Visual Studio 10. Also, the scripts to build Clutter using
    MinGW have been improved.

    - Remove the requirement for using clutter_threads_init()
    Threads are initialized by default (depending on the platform), so there
    is no need to call clutter_threads_init().

    - Deprecate the default ClutterStage
    The semantics of the default Stage were not obvious, and had the tendency
    to confuse the user.

    - Move the deprecated headers into their own directory
    This should help developers identify the deprecated API.

    - Change deprecation policy
    Deprecated functions are now marked using compiler annotations, instead
    of being forcibly disabled through pre-processor directives from the
    headers. Deprecations will cause compiler warnings, and thus are enabled
    by default. If you're building your project with compiler flags that
    consider every warning a fatal error, you can use the symbol
    CLUTTER_DISABLE_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS to disable the deprecation warnings.

    - Translation updates
    Portuguese, Assamese, Punjabi, Tamil, Oriya, Telugu, French, German,
    Danish, Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong and Taiwan), Catalan, Esperanto,
    Lithuanian, Galician, Norwegian bokmål, Slovenian, Hebrew, Bulgarian.

  • List of bugs fixed since Clutter 1.8

    652588 - add support for password hint in ClutterText
    659625 - mingw32: Update the build script to compile 1.8.0
    659601 - offscreen effects on children of containers also with an
             offscreen effect get a wrong viewport
    659928 - Two strings are not marked as translatable
    659893 - clutter-main: Reword translator comment for default:LTR
    656663 - Remove internal usage of ClutterGeometry in StageWindow
    660354 - Add paint-deform-tiles option to CLUTTER_DEBUG
    660471 - ClutterActor: Add clutter_actor_has_effects
    660512 - ClutterShaderEffect recompiles the shader for every instance
    660623 - clutter-actor-meta: Fix _clutter_meta_group_has_metas_no_internal
    660985 - memory leak in clutter_box_layout.c
    661015 - Add clutter_unicode_to_keyval function
    660786 - Deprecate clutter_[sg]et_font_flags()
    661887 - auto-resize of ClutterCairoTexture does not work correctly
    657434 - Add a GDK backend to Clutter
    663332 - orca reads my password in gnome-shell policykit dialogs
    663594 - Minor whitespace parsing bug in clutter_color_from_string
    663733 - clutter-stage-x11: Make sure to set geometry x and y
    651718 - Make tests work on platforms supporting only a single stage
    663999 - The removal of per-backend CLUTTER_VBLANK envvar had unwanted
             cruft in the Win32 backend
    663720 - DeformEffect: Avoid redrawing actors on vertices invalidation
    663636 - Use newer Cogl API in ClutterDeformEffect

Special thanks to

  Chun-wei Fan, for building, testing, and keeping up to date the Visual
  Studio project files.

Many thanks to:

  Neil Roberts, Rico Tzschichholz, Robert Bragg, Adel Gadllah,
  Lionel Landwerlin, Alexandre Franke, Colin Walters, Daniel Mustieles,
  Giovanni Campagna, Piotr Drąg, krishnababu k, A S Alam, Alexander Shopov,
  Algimantas Margevičius, Ask H. Larsen, Bruno Brouard, Carles Ferrando,
  Chao-Hsiung Liao, Craig R. Hughes, Damien Lespiau, Duarte Loreto,
  Florian Müllner, Fran Dieguez, Fran Diéguez, Håkon Løvdal, I Felix,
  Jasper St. Pierre, Jorge González, Joseph Scheuhammer, Kjartan Maraas,
  Kristjan SCHMIDT, Manoj Kumar Giri, Marc-André Lureau, Mario Blättermann,
  Matej Urbančič, Matthias Clasen, Nilamdyuti Goswami, Sunjin Yang,
  Tomeu Vizoso, Yaron Shahrabani, Zan Dobersek, Мирослав Николић.

=========  (26.5K)

========  (4.36M)
  sha256sum: 90d5bf72d34b3163c57010484a27d22955dacbb2cd7872391960de160a1d3a4d (5.13M)
  sha256sum: f1104e19bba77f5506a2962f55e5e0f585477343dc2f709d2d0e12aaaeb1e2b6

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