libsoup 2.37.2

About libsoup

libsoup is an HTTP client/server library for GNOME. It uses GObjects
and the glib main loop, to integrate well with GNOME applications.


	* Fixed up the output of SoupDirectoryInputStream, thus
          improving the display of local directories in WebKit-based
          browsers. [#662266, Sergio]

	* Fixed a bug introduced in 2.37.1 that caused some cancelled
          SoupMessages to be leaked. [#662847, Sergio]

	* Added new SoupSession properties "http-aliases" and
          "https-aliases" that allow you to configure more explicitly
	  what URL protocols are treated as aliases for http (eg,
          "dav:", "webcal:", etc), and which should be recognized as
	  meaning something else, (eg, "ftp:") [Dan]

	* Added soup_session_would_redirect() and
          soup_session_redirect_message(), to help users that want to
          handle some or all redirects themselves. Added
          soup_message_set_redirect() to make it easier to return
          redirection responses from a SoupServer. [Dan]

	* Added the SoupSession "use-thread-context" property, which
	  tells it to use GMainContexts in a gio-compliant way (and in
	  particular, allows having different messages running in
	  different GMainContexts on the same SoupSession, though only
	  to a limited extent since SoupSessionAsync is still not
	  thread-safe). In particular, this was added in order to
	  address WebKit bug 68238. [Dan]

	* Made SoupURI %-encode non-ASCII characters when parsing
          URIs, in particular to fix a problem with certain servers
          sending syntactically invalid redirects that they would then
          only interpret correctly if you fixed the syntax for them.
          (@$!@#! Although the new code is probably more correct than
          the old code anyway, so...) [#662806, Dan]

	* Fixed a connection-handling bug that could cause problems
          with servers that requested authentication and then timed
          out the connection while the application was waiting for the
          user to enter a password. [#660057, Dan]

	* Made NTLM and Basic authentication handle some non-ASCII
          usernames and passwords. (NTLM should handle most. It's
          impossible to fix Basic in the general case.) [#576838,
          Joachim Breitner, "sponsored by ITOMIG GmbH and the City of

	* Added support for "deflate" Content-Encoding, so that we can
	  work with broken servers that insisted on using it even
	  though we explicitly indicated in the request headers that
	  we didn't support it. (@$#!#) [#661682, Sergio]

========  (600K)
  sha256sum: df82c51b67f67c3128979d1f3bf20a8ceeea369b6e43aceb16d576d8fc4e8423 (705K)
  sha256sum: ede0df9313769620dcda9174853cdbeec08414c9095fc484903f82516d756e86

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