gnome-documents 0.3.2

About Documents

A document manager application for GNOME


- Initial support for Google Docs collections
- Initial support for user-defined collections
- Major UI revamp:
  * removed the sidebar
  * moved the search entry beneath the top bar in a hiding container
  * use single-click activation mode in the overview
  * first implementation of a "Selection" mode
  * animate state changes
- Improve query and loading speed
- Field selection support for search filtering (author, title)
- Fix loading of cached documents
- Many, many minor improvements and fixes

========  (430K)
  sha256sum: 26bb9fe070bd42eb9edc34450410b9bb82581c6203c954429c9c684007e9f138 (533K)
  sha256sum: 1cbcf05021dab853f271761c6a45d72d14a72a8fcba01ccb58e667cf64fdc06e

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