yelp-xsl 3.3.1

About Yelp XSLT

Document transformations from Yelp


* Made linktrails more extensible for customizations
* Added new 'About' footer to HTML output
* Moved Yelp's location.hash formatting to yelp-xsl
* Updated style for key/keycap elements
* Style work on post-content links, no header
* Fall back to correct link title for sort titles
* Strip links from descs in link blocks
* Added and html.bottom.custom
* Added html.header.custom and html.footer.custom
* Correctly set ARIA controls for expanders
* Use the correct type for "prevnext" links elements
* Simplifications to DocBook bibliography handling
* Cleaned up DocBook block and title output templates
* Moved DocBook links templates to db2html-links
* Replaced db2html-autotoc with simpler section links
* Fixed DocBook footnote handling
* Use html.lang.attrs consistently in DocBook
* Removed special-case code in Mallard cache stylesheet
* Updated translations:
  ca          (Gil Forcada)
  ca@valencia (Gil Forcada)
  de          (Mario Blättermann)
  es          (Daniel Mustieles)
  gl          (Fran Diéguez)
  nb          (Kjartan Maraas)
  tr          (Muhammet Kara)

=========  (19.3K)

========  (547K)
  sha256sum: 725da120c0b5fae08dc865f975172db6d07978ec7c5b9614af3b1c6de3adb25b (676K)
  sha256sum: 3be01cd1e3550c9bc0355ade66a1d597dafa0cc9445dea366d5ef3d75d5bb361

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