seahorse 3.3.2

About seahorse

A password and encryption key manager.


 * Refactoring of how actions work
 * Add ability to lock and unlock places from the sidebar
 * Implement login to smart cards and PKCS#11 tokens
 * Remove experimental check selection on sidebar
 * Listing of private keys on smart cards and PKCS#11 tokens
 * Showing matching keys and certificates together, in listing and properties
 * Translation, build fixes
 * Don't crash if gpg or gpg2 don't run correctly.
 * Fix problems editing PGP key servers
 * Don't load key signatures unless showing key properties
 * Updated translations

=========  (13.2K)

========  (1.85M)
  sha256sum: 3ec460d0c737ddda4af244f395c1b7c43be4413bbdc9db7fc11280a0204f548e (2.19M)
  sha256sum: 2b4a40af9b8329f030c4e8c60f62154790bfda97a2acea415e2ee642b6afe649

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