glom 1.20.0

About Glom

User-friendly database application.


Changes since 1.19.19:
* Details view:
  - Default to left-alignment for numeric fields,
  but default to right-alignment in the list view and in related 
  records lists.
  - Move the checkbutton titles to the left.
  - Make the Calendar portal work again. Bug #663310
* List view: Stop unnecessary saving of column widths.
* List view and Related Records: Disable buttons when appropriate.
  Bug #663812 (André Klapper)
* libglom: Added ConnectionPool::set_fake_connection().
* Escape database connection details properly.
* Correctly escape and quote options when spawning tar or postgres.
* Build: Use the new Gnome::Gda::Numeric API.

=========  (7.36K)

========  (6.11M)
  sha256sum: 047ce7bd6e5a0214f6f49cad15cc0ee1d2e8eeb61462e094328ed32676c15e5b (6.63M)
  sha256sum: d4aa7b50c051ac7a4363be3454c92fc0b4b272cb1b9ddb99a9937922b51eba44

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