libgda 5.0.2

About libgda

Libgda is a (relatively small) database access library: * it is a
wrapper like ODBC but with more features to access several database
engines * features a meta data extractor (to know all about database
objects in a common way) * comes with an SQL console application (like
mysql, psql or sqlite3 consoles) * relies on GLib, coded in C, its API
is easy to use * at the moment supports SQLite (and SQLCipher), MySQL,
PostgreSQL, MSAccess, Berkeley Db (and is SQL extension), Oracle and
JDBC (allows access to any database through a JDBC driver), work is in
progress for other database types (such as Firebird). There is also a
special feature which allows one to connect to a database hidden
behing a web server (through specific PHP scripts) * LGPL licensed for
the libraries and GPL licensed for the tools.

See for more information.


 - Gobject introspection improvements
 - Several small corrections and improvements
 - Better handling of closed connections, allowing some operations on closed connections
   and better error reporting on them
 - GdaNumeric sealing
 - Bugs corrected: #663608
 - Translations:
	- de (Mario Blättermann)
	- cz (Marek Černocký)
	- es (Daniel Mustieles)
	- sl (Matej Urbančič)

=========  (7.80K)

========  (11.1M)
  sha256sum: 53e710a76298a224546803ecee711e610c68cf6938bd908e6d7e3c9bab183593 (16.0M)
  sha256sum: b31bd3a22bab19942db7cf1c0f8395a2f38939e04e0d7a60c782cb0856d42b7f

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