pinpoint 0.1.4

About pinpoint

Pinpoint is a text file driven presentation tool aiming to make
presentations be excellent; striving to reduce death by bullet point.
And to keep peoples interest in what is actually being presented.


- start of a speaker screen, support for speaker notes
  (this part is lacking in documentation and interaction)
- A camera/v4l based slide background
- Fully stop videos when transitioning between them
- Made "fade" be the default transition
- Inhibit screensaver when running fullscreen

========  (746K)
  sha256sum: 4559155e9dc61ee47256ef7f5b73e4cdecbfc1b2bd6b0a1ab45dfee64ae8b92b (773K)
  sha256sum: 26df7ba171d13f697c30c272460989b0f1b45e70c797310878a589ed5a6a47de

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