gnome-keyring 3.2.2

About gnome-keyring

Stores passwords and encryption keys.


 * Fix problem with 'unsafe storage' prompt deadlocking
 * Remove XFCE & LXDE from OnlyShowIn for autostart files
 * Use g_random_int_range() for pseudo-random hash iteration count
 * Return password results with the most recent result first
 * Make clear source of warnings from the rpc module
 * Updated translations
 * Build fixes

=========  (5.00K)

========  (1.51M)
  sha256sum: f4cdc2c492a9b0157d59439310093e611e1f718a16f7ee2391ac03aadacfaaa3 (2.00M)
  sha256sum: 4758053ca7a0e02bc06889778b459fd70d1521244961e04b3b1b60247b2ed844

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